Ethereum Montreal aims to help build a strong collaborative community of developers and entrepreneurs. We focus on building decentralized applications, demos and presentations of Ethereum projects, sharing knowledge and tools, hosting hackathons, and stimulating critical dialogue about the technology and its potential across multiple industries.



Overview of Goals and Community

Throughout the year we will host several meetups to help keep Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs connected and informed. This particular group is an expansion of the Ethereum Developers Toronto group that we've been running for nearly 3 years. From that group we've learned that cutting through the hype and marketing-speak to focus on helping each other learn about blockchain tech by actually building smart contracts, holding hackathons, and engaging in critical debates about the technology has been invaluable for creating a strong and collaborative Ethereum community. But such a community depends on its participants. We hope that you'll come out to our events, meet fellow Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs, and together we can help further advance active interest in this incredibly transformative technology in Montreal.

Some of our upcoming events and ongoing series include:

  • Speaker Series and lectures on Ethereum tech and research
  • Demos of local and international Ethereum projects
  • Coding Sessions: learn to build smart contracts
  • Basic Educational Sessions
  • Hackathons


Ethan Wilding is a co-founder of L4 Ventures and Ledger Labs, and a founding team member of Ethereum. He is the former Chair of the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam, one of the first not-for-profit programs to establish a standard body of knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies. Ethan earned a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo. |

Catherine G. Chenard is a blockchain consultant focusing on ICO analysis, entrepreneurship, and the intersection of AI and Blockchain. She has 10+ years in business development, coaching, and business consulting; including 4 years at innovative technology startups.